Ander The Indestructible
Master of Mind
Comon Sense
Dangertainment .com is a work in progress- please bear with me.  I am a sideshow performer, not a web designer

Who is Ander The Indestructible anyway ?

Ander The Indestructible has been a performer Over Twenty two years.
Beginning as a  Bed of Nails/Strongman in 1991, then studying  from fellow performers  in the field and of the past,  Ander has honed his skills of Bed of Nails, Bed of Blades, Glass Walking, Fire Eating, Human Block Head and much much more. Mixing it all together with his twisted humor you get freaky fun for everyone without that "Do I need to wash after seeing this?"  feeling you get from some other sideshow performers, but with  plenty of twisted humor and innuendo that makes for a dangerous good time. Sit back and watch the Madness or Step Right Up and join in the Dangerous fun, the choice is yours.
Ander The Indestructible has performed at Country Clubs, Renaissance Fairs, Motorcycle Rallys, Street/City Festivals and everything in between.
What ever your show requires, large or small, Ander will add Dangerous Fun to your next event. Living History To Steampunk, Modern To Renaissance. Bring something fun and exciting to your next event